Orb Recording Studio A:

Austin's finest new studio facilities.

Orb Studio A Tracking:

Large tracking room.

Orb Studio:

Control room B.

Compound Studio:

Great tracking space.

Windy Hill Studio:

Large, full featured tracking and mixing.

Windy Hill Studio:

Large tracking room.

AM Stereophonic:

Features the only pair of Adam S6X speakers in Texas.

Menza Music:

Composer's facility.

Cristobal Studios:

Comfortable recording in the hill country.

One of our Dolby film mixing stages.

Charlie Tango:

Premier video facility - Control room B.

Everywhere Audio:

Surround control room for commercials and post.

Allen Home Theater:

Extensive acoustic design blended with ornate aesthetic finishes.

Charlie Tango:
Premier video facility -
Control room A.
Charlie Tango:
Rendering of control room a during the design phase.