.....A brand new house with a theater set in an isolated wing. The room was structurally intensified and is 100% floating. Cable troughs and access to a separate equipment room make integration efficient. Electrical and HVAC were specially designed and specified by Acoustic Spaces. The owner, who has top of the line Wilson audio equipment, is extremely knowledgable and demanding of accurate sound reproduction---as well as the room's aesthetics. The finish design concept was "Early Spanish" and hand painted fabrics were added to the walls, covering extensive RPG materials and custom bass control devices. Other equipment includes Levinson, Tact, Transparent Cable.
.......Extensive home re-model, with major focus on theater and 'whole house' integration: we specified acoustic isolation techniques and materials to envelop the theater room. We specified an isolated 'technical electric' feed for the room. We modified the screen wall, and laid in all the audio cabling. Together with our client's input, a design for the finish evolved, and extensive bass control, diffusion and absorptive materials were laid into the floors, walls and ceiling. Finishes included RPG "B.A.D." panels and custom fabric work with Novawall. We consulted and advised on speakers, amps and subs; set up the Lexicon MC-12 processor; and tuned the room.
......Another new home theater, with a media room of smaller but quite comfortable proportions. With a jet black background, we applied RPG "B.A.D." panels, each 2" thick and offset from all wall surfaces. FRG omniffusors mount from the ceiling, and a custom bass 'trap' was built into the rear wall, with RPG Flutterfree as a finish cover material. Two levels, this room sounds great and looks sleek. Audio equipment includes B&W 801's; multiple subwoofers and Classe amplifiers.